Artist Statement

In my painting I use overlapping watercolours on paper to create colour harmonies kept clean and crisp with very simple geometric compositions. I am inspired by the lines of modern architecture and design and the paring down of minimalism. My sense of colour comes from the shot silks of my mother's saris and the effect of two colours woven together as well as my environment. 

When I began to study art I was most interested in Abstract Expressionism and Kandinsky's interpretation of abstract painting related to musical compositions. I began painting in oils: blues and greens and the shades in between separated by black lines in compositions that mixed Rothko's expression with simple geometric compositions. However I hadn't found how to express what I wanted. Then I lived in the Bahamas: blue and green blended to an intense turquoise was in the sea all around me. I turned to watercolours and finally found a way to express what I felt. The compositions are still simple and geometric but now I understand myself better and I am better able to manipulate the paint to express myself more freely.


Danni Durai is rooted in Brighton, UK. She was born in 1970 and has lived in, Nassau, Aix-en-Provence, Burgess Hill, Jakarta and Doha.

After studying Art and French Joint Hons BA at Aberystwyth, she did her PGCE in Primary Education at Exeter where she specialised in Art. Having taught in primary schools in Brighton and the Bahamas for over 10 years, she is now giving her full attention to being an artist. Aside from painting, Danni enjoys using her colour and design skills to make a wide variety of home decorations and useful objects for her own interiors.